Dj a Party

Book us to Dj your party. Whether its a birthday party or themed party. No matter where it is, when it is, or how long it is. Dj Tone Da Boss will make it work for you!

Dj a Wedding

Need that special moment to be perfect? There's a perfect Dj waiting on your call. 1 very detailed interview to you by Dj Tone Da Boss and he can guarantee an event fully catered to your liking. Weddings are the most precious and delicate events Dj Tone Da Boss plays at. Place your trust in a Dj who will treat your wedding like his own.

Get a Dj for your event

As the motto says there is no party too small, no venue to large, and no event that is too crazy. Corporate events, community service events, or even a personal event at your home. Dj Tone Da Boss has done it all and is willing to do whatever it takes to make your event as entertaining as possible.

Quality Equipment

Everything is professional. Currently Dj Tone Da Boss has a set of Harbinger 12" passive speakers running through a powered Harbinger Mixer. A Pioneer Controller (turntables) A Macbook air.  1 wired microphone with a desk and floor stand and 1 wireless microphone. Floor monitor and lights are available as.

Lighting Packages available

Spotlights, Disco Balls, Strobe Lights and more. Make sure the spot light is on you and the lights keep the crowd moving and entertained.

Service You Want Not Listed?

As stated before Dj Tone Da Boss is open to any and all events. He is continously investing in new better equipment. If there is an event not listed, a service not provided, or equipment you would like at your event. Feel free to reachout.