Top Notch Service

Dj Tone Da Boss prides himself on being the best at what he does. As a Dj he feels it is not just a service provided but it is each client lending his trust to make memorable moments and do future business. Therefore you can expert every event to be different and exciting but always the results to be a great and unforgettable experience.

The Story

Tone Da Boss is most known for his superior rapping skills. Earning his title as the boss by winning battles, taking ownership, and leading his team while being able to do things independently as well. As a Boss they say you should shift careers every 10 years. While wanting to stay in the music scene but not feeling like there was much room to grow as a rapper, Tone Da Boss was provided an opportunity via his 9-5pmĀ  to change lanes and give Djing a go. After a little bit of investing and getting the same satisfaction he received from performing, Tone Da Boss was ready to officially become Dj Tone Da Boss.

Meet the Team

Tone never truly does anything alone. He's always had a very strong support team.

Dj Tone Da Boss surrounds himself with people want the same success if not more.

Each staff member are fully trained and qualified to operate the Dj Equipment and keep a crowd of any kind entertained.

Dj Tone Da Boss


Dj Tone Da Boss, ready, willing, and always turned up! Tone is a fan of every music genre and familiar with new songs, classics, and even songs that havent received as much exposure.

Dj Chuck


Chuck specialties are in his energy, his chants, and ability to get crowd participation from groups of all sizes on command. His genres range from Hip Hop and R&B to 90s and 2000s soft rock.

Dj Jory James


Dj Jory James is the latest Dj in training. Jory James is a soulful man who loves singing Karaoke to classic soul and R&B Music. Soon Dj Jory James will be hosting his own Karaoke night on a regular basis.


Got questions? Not enough details on the site. Reach out, inquire, or simply book your soon to be favorite Dj.